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MobiChair - Floating Beach Wheelchairs

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Summertime Beach Accessibility For Disabled Persons along the Lower North Shore

Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin is pleased to announce that we are now beginning the loan campaign for the use of our two MOBI-chairs. They are now available for loan to our members along the Lower North Shore (Kegaska-Blanc-Sablon)


Please be advised of the following loan protocol:

  1. Requests must come from person with diagnosed disability. Request can also be submitted by family member on their behalf.

  2. Loan of the MOBI-Chairs will be for a week duration - free of charge

  3. If chair is requested for a second week and it has not been already spoken for, then that member can have the MOBI-Chair for another week.

  4. Any request for loan must be submitted through our Facebook page via our messenger account and a confirmation will be given by Groupe Accessibilité.

  5. Chairs are currently located at the Municipality in Blanc Sablon. If any transportation is needed outside the Blanc Sablon area then the user/family must arrange transportation for the chair to be sent on the boat (Bella Desgagnes). Cost of transportation will be reimbursed to the individual by Groupe Accessibilité with proof of payment.

  6. The person whom us using the chair(s) are responsible for ensuring that it is returned in the same condition in which it was loaned to them.

We hope that our members/families along the LNS greatly benefit from the use of the MOBI-Chairs and it allows those with disabilities to become more integrated within their local communities. We hope that this equipment will provide our members and their families with a fun way to enjoy the beaches within their communities during the summer months.

To have a detailed look at how the adapted beach chair works, please view the identified link below. It will allow you to see how easily the MOBI beach chair can be used at a beach environment.

Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin, Board of Directors

"Lending a voice that can reach out across all boundaries"




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