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National Week of Disabled Persons Events

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Annual BBQ at Maison Rivière d'Or & Coastal Radio Quiz

June 1-7th is the recognized Week of Persons with Disabilities

The Week of Persons with Disabilities was first organized in 1996.

It was developed from an initiative of the Quebecs' Office for Persons with Disabilities (OPHQ). This week-long celebration runs from June 1 to 7 of each year. It aims to educate the entire population of Quebec as to the importance of respecting differences in our society and to make known the realities of disabled people, through educational, social and professional activities.

To make this event a yearly success Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin relies on the support and involvement of community individuals, organizations, businesses, government departments and agencies along the Lower North Shore.

Event 1: Community BBQ

Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin hosted a community BBQ in St. Augustin on Monday June 6th at 11am in front of the local RTF-Maison Riviere d'Or (seniors home). There was no charge and all individuals from along the Lower North Shore were welcome to attend.

Event 2: Coastal Radio Quiz

During the working days between June 1-7th a radio quiz contest was carried out via the local radio stations. Individuals were asked to answer a daily quiz question. At the end of the contest on June 7th all individuals who responded correctly had their names put in a bag and 1 winner was selected.

The winning names picked from each radio station received a lovely prize from Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin. (Ena Fequet & Marcella Bilodeau were the winners)

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate with us each year and share in the uniqueness of our members and their diversity.

Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustin - Board of Directors

"Lending a Voice that can reach out across all boundaries"

Groupe Accessibilite

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